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Evictions, due process, and the COVID-19 pandemic

Join us for this popular series! Justice for Breakfast. Images of coffee cup, books, gavel, and statue of woman holding scales of justice.

Justice for Breakfast discussion

August 26, 2020 ~ 9:00-10:30 am

Where: Online/by phone

Even before COVID-19, Baltimore’s eviction rate was high – nearly 2.5 times the national average. And due to the racism embedded in housing and employment policies, landlord practices, and court operations, the number of Black evictions is three times higher than the number of white evictions in Baltimore.

The pandemic is expected to exacerbate the crisis, as lost jobs and medical expenses make it difficult to pay the rent, especially for disproportionately Black “essential workers” and their communities. The Public Justice Center and allies are advocating to stem the tide of evictions expected as the courts reopen for eviction actions. Join us for an update on advocacy strategies to keep tenants in their homes, from rental assistance to legal representation. We’ll also talk about the critical role of a right to counsel in eviction cases, discussing how establishing this right in Baltimore would level the playing field between landlords and tenants and stop evictions.

To learn more or to receive the link to join the conversation: Email Becky Reynolds or call (410) 625-9409 x226. Please RSVP by noon on August 25.