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The fight to eliminate Hepatitis C among Maryland Medicaid beneficiaries

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Justice for Breakfast discussion

WHEN: May 5th from 9:00-10:30 am
WHERE: Online/by phone

In the United States, approximately 2.4 million people live with Hepatitis C, a blood-borne virus that causes liver inflammation which can significantly impair liver functioning and lead to severe health complications, including liver damage, liver cancer and even death. Hepatitis C has had a disproportionate impact on African Americans and Medicaid beneficiaries. Though this disease is curable due to significant advances in medicine, many states have placed restrictions on eligibility for treatment for Medicaid beneficiaries, including Maryland, due to the high cost of the medication. These restrictions have resulted in many beneficiaries with Hepatitis C not being able to access the cure. However, legal and policy advocates, clinicians and researchers have worked tirelessly over the last few years to eliminate systemic barriers to accessing Hepatitis C treatment for Maryland Medicaid beneficiaries. We invite you to come learn about Hepatitis C in Maryland, our advocacy in coalition with other advocates to expand access to Hepatitis C treatment in Medicaid, and the work that remains to be done to ensure that ALL Medicaid beneficiaries suffering with this devastating disease are given equal access to treatment.

JOIN US: To receive the link to join the conversation, contact Becky Reynolds at or (410) 625-9409 x 226. Please RSVP by noon on May 4th.