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Evictions and eviction proceedings postponed in Maryland due to coronavirus

The Court of Appeals of Maryland has placed on hold all residential evictions, residential eviction proceedings, residential foreclosure and tax sale foreclosure proceedings statewide. In other words, all of these cases and eviction orders and any new cases that are filed are paused indefinitely.

All non-emergency court proceedings, including eviction cases in which a judgment has not yet been entered, will be rescheduled, and you will receive notice from the court about a new trial date. Additional information may be available at:

Any eviction in Baltimore City scheduled after March 16 will be rescheduled for after the Court’s order has been lifted (no date set). You may not receive notice of the rescheduled eviction date.

Utility cut-offs have also been postponed until May 1, 2020:

If you are a tenant and a victim of an illegal lockout or illegal eviction in Baltimore City during this crisis please visit the Court Commissioner’s office to press criminal charges:

Baltimore City District Court Commissioner
500 N. Calvert Suite 200
Baltimore MD 21201


The Public Justice Center is open for phone calls (410-625-9409) during normal business hours and can provide information, advice, and representation in some cases.