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Nathan Hunt: Law student, volunteer, monthly donor

“I first learned of Public Justice Center’s work as a graduate student who was involved in the University of Baltimore’s collaboration on the Navigator Pilot Project. This effort put non-lawyers in the district court to assist pro se litigants [tenants who are representing themselves] in rent escrow cases. While PJC has the end goal of providing lawyers in all civil situations [involving basic needs], many PJC lawyers recognized the benefit of our small effort and carved out significant time to support us.

I am compelled to be a monthly donor because I believe in all of the work that PJC does. The dedication of everyone involved with PJC inspires me.

My idea of a just society is one where individuals do not have to fear inequity when moving through our societies’ institutions. Whether they are dealing with education, housing, or the court system, individuals should feel safe and know that they will be treated equally regardless of their economic status, race, or gender identity.”

Nathan is currently a law student at University of Maryland School of Law and a member of the Lawyers’ Alliance for the Public Justice Center. If you’d like to join Nathan as a monthly donor, donate here.