THINK: Film and reading recommendations

Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy inspired us, so we asked volunteers, staff, and students to suggest films, books, blogs and articles that caused them to pause and think profoundly about some of the most serious issues in our society. Thank you to everyone who shared ideas.


Z (1969, Costas-Gavras)
The Disappeared (2008, Sanders)
Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom (2013, Chadwick)
The Color Purple (1985, Spielberg)
The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison (1998, Garbus/Rideau)
Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequities (2013, Butler)
Race: The Power of Illusion (2003, PBS) – especially Episode Three: The House We Live In.
The Rainmaker (1997, Coppola)
Do the Right Thing (1989, Lee)
Embrace of the Serpent (2013, Guerra)
American History X (1998, Kaye)
Blackonomics (2015, New Lens)
The Central Park Five (2012, Burns)
The Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution (2015, Nelson)
Crooklyn (1994, Lee)
The House I Live In (2012, Jarecki)


Just Mercy (2014, Stevenson)
Evicted (2016, Desmond)
Not In My Neighborhood (2010, Pietila)
The New Jim Crow (2010, Alexander)
The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965, Haley/Malcolm X)
Gandhi: An Autobiography (1940)
Things Fall Apart (1994, Achebe)
Between the World and Me (2015, Coates)
Black Book (2014, Love/Grandpre)
The Beautiful Struggle (2008, Coates)
The Beast Side (2015, Watkins)
Savage Inequalities (2012, Kozol)
Nickeled & Dimed (2011, Ehrenreich)
A Lesson Before Dying (1993, Gaines)
A Prayer for the City (1997, Bissinger)
The Fire Next Time (1963, Baldwin)
The Invisible Man (1952, Ellison)
Where Do We Go From Here (1967, King)
Citizen (2014, Rankine)
The Sellout (2015, Beatty)
Fire Shut up in My Bones (2014, Blow)
Fun Home (2006, Bechdel)
On the Run (2014, Goffman)
White Like Me (2007, Wise)
This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed (2014, Cobb)
The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007, Diaz)
In The Time of the Butterflies (1995, Alvarez)
The Art of Political Murder (2007, Goldman)
Salvage the Bones (2011, Ward)
Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio (2008, Lakhous)
When I was Puerto Rican (1993, Santiago)
The Wretched of the Earth (2005, Fanon)
Kindred (2004, Butler)
The Power and the Glory (1968, Greene)
A People’s History of the United States (1980, Zinn)
Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble and the Coming of Age in the Bronx (2004, LeBlanc)
47 (2006, Mosley)
Americanah (2013, Adichie)
Half the Sky (2010, Kristof, WuDunn)
Dreams from My Father (2004, Obama)
The Blind Side (2007, Lewis)
To Kill a Mockingbird (1960, Lee)

Reports, Articles, Blogs, Podcasts

Justice Diverted (2015, Public Justice Center, Right to Housing Alliance, Pasciuti, Cotton)
Community + Land + Trust (2016, Housing Roundtable)
The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration (2015, The Atlantic, Coates)
The Case for Reparations (2014, The Atlantic, Coates)
Various pieces by Jelani Cobb in The New Yorker
States Look to Provide Lawyers For the Poor In Civil Cases (2015, AP, Collins)
Natural Allies (2012, Public Welfare Foundation)
My Dungeon Shook (1962, The Progressive, Baldwin)
#SayHerName (2015, Brion)
Swimming in Two Lanes (2015, The Islamic Monthly, Touré)
*Thank you to the Ivy Bookshop for selling Just Mercy at our 30th anniversary celebration!