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Baltimore Rent Eviction Crisis: City Overrun By Corrupt Landlords, Study Finds

December 7, 2015

International Business Times

By Aaron Morrison

Peeling paint, rodent infestations, and leaky plumbing are legally justifiable grounds for tenants to withhold rent payments in the city of Baltimore. But every year, more than 6,000 of the city’s low-income renters and their families are evicted from their homes by the city’s landlord-favoring Rent Court, an eviction rate higher than any other major U.S. city except Detroit, the Baltimore Sun reported Monday.

The Charm City's eviction rate emerged from a study by the local Public Justice Center and the Right for Housing Alliance, in which 300 renters facing eviction were interviewed. Among them, 78 percent reported having one or more health or safety threats existing in their homes at the time of their eviction hearing, according to the study.

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