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Baltimore's Rent Court: How Fairly Is It Functioning?

December 7, 2015

By Tom Hall and Jonna McKone

WYPR, Maryland Morning

Baltimore is a city of renters. Of its 622,000 or so residents, more than half rent, rather than own their homes.  The majority of those renters have a median income of less than $28,000 a year. Thousands of families and individuals every year have problems that are unique to renters:  how best to communicate with their landlords, getting repairs done thoroughly and in a timely way, getting their deposits back, and in many cases, avoiding eviction.  Thousands of landlords, from major companies to Mom and Pop entrepreneurs, rent apartments and row houses on the open market and through on the housing choice voucher program.

Today, the Public Justice Center is releasing a report that indicates there are often serious, systemic problems between renters and landlords.

Read the full description and listen to the radio segment here.

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