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Squeezing in volunteer work between billable hours

The Daily Record

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By Sarah David

December 13, 2017

While those of us who work for the government are often working long hours and struggling to finish our work, lawyers at private firms are often struggling to fill each tenth of an hour of their day to satisfy billing requirements.
With new technology and pressure for more flexible work schedules, this structure demands a lot of time while at work and outside of normal working hours. Trying to fit in family, friends and all of life’s other priorities makes volunteering quite a challenge. But some lawyers, like Darryl Tarver, an associate in the Product Liability and Mass Tort Litigation group at Venable LLP in Baltimore, find ways to work hard and give back.
Darryl Tarver is a member of the Public Justice Center board of directors and co-chair of the Lawyers' Alliance for the Public Justice Center.


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