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Of mice and mold and a new law that says renters needn’t put up with squalor

Advocates spread the word that one- and two-unit rentals in Baltimore must now be inspected and licensed

August 9, 2018

By Fern Shen

Any sign of rodents, insects or pests? Is there hot- and cold-running water? How about chipping paint?

Housing advocates were outside Baltimore Rent Court today telling tenants they won’t have to put up with squalid conditions.

Under a sweeping overhaul of rental housing regulations, one- and two-unit apartments are supposed to be inspected and certified as safe and sanitary by January 1 in order to be licensed.

Read the full article: https://baltimorebrew.com/2018/08/09/of-mice-and-mold-and-a-new-law-that-says-renters-neednt-put-up-with-squalor/

The Public Justice Center advocated for the new licensing and inspection law described in the article.

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