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Debtors to collectors: Show proof the debt is really owed

A growing number of states are requiring collectors to prove money is owed

By Martin Merzer, CreditCards.com
November 14, 2011
Debt collector to credit card user: "Show me the money." Credit card user to debt collector: "Show me the proof." 
Credit card customers and other consumers around the country are getting more protection from debt collectors -- both the many scrupulous debt collectors and the few unscrupulous. 
For the most part, these protections require debt collectors to provide more proof that they own the debt they are seeking to collect through lawsuits and -- this is becoming an increasingly crucial point -- to show that the statute of limitations on such suits has not expired. 
Read the full article, "Debtors to collectors: Show proof the debt is really owed", which includes information about the changes to the Maryland Rules. The Public Justice Center and other consumer advocates pushed for these changes, which will protect low-income consumers from unscrupulous debt buyers.

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