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Maryland debt buyers need more proof to sue consumers

By Kim Brown, Voice of Russia

September 23, 2011: The American housing market crisis has been well-established. But in these difficult financial times more and more people are defaulting on consumer debts, like a cell phone bill or a credit card bill. If a company is unable to get payment of a delinquent account directly from the consumer that debt is often sold to a collections agency, sometimes multiple times to different agencies. In some cases the consumer is sued, their wages can be garnished or their assets ceased. The state of Maryland has made it more difficult for debt companies to sue you. Jonathan Harris, Staff Attorney at the Public Justice Center, a non-profit legal advocacy organization in Baltimore, Maryland, says this new rule raises the standard of proof required of debt buyers that they are the proper owners of the debt and that they are suing the proper consumer, as there have been cases when consumers were sued multiple times by different debt buyers, who all claimed to own the same debt.

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