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Keeping homeless kids in school

From the Audacious Ideas blog of the Open Society Institute-Baltimore

By Monisha Cherayil and Zafar Shah

March 5, 2012: Kids aren’t homeowners, but they have paid an unforgiving price throughout the housing industry collapse. They have lost their homes, and consequently, they have frequently had to change schools. 41% of students who have experienced a loss of housing attend two or more schools in one year while 28% attend 3 or more in that time. These figures are concerning because research shows that school mobility hampers educational achievement. For instance, the United States Government Accountability Office recently reported that “students who changed schools more frequently tended to have lower scores on standardized reading and math tests and to drop out of school at higher rates than their less mobile peers.” Another study found that students who changed schools four or more times before sixth grade lost one year of educational progress.

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