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PJC Street Stories

A few recent examples of the Public Justice Center's work with individual clients that exemplify common social justice issues:

From a homeless family: A working man, his wife, and 8 month old son came home to find that their landlord had changed the locks and had taken all of their belongings, including the man’s work tools, to the dump. This was an illegal eviction -- done without any attempt at the required court process for evictions. The family spent several nights on the streets, and the man was unemployed without his tools. The Levern Blackmon, PJC's tenant advocate, and Nevette Steele with Civil Justice, Inc. (and one of PJC's founders!) confronted the landlord about damages due to the illegal eviction.  A settlement of $3,500 was negotiated that was enough to get the family into housing and replace some of the tools, clothes and other belongings. PJC staff also made some individual donations of cash and tools to help the family. This family would have been homeless much longer without legal assistance.

From an ill inmate: Mr. G is a detainee at Baltimore City Detention Center.  He was referred to the PJC by members of the Inmates' Council. PJC Legal Assistant Alexandria ("Niecy") Taylor visited Mr. G in jail, where she learned that Mr. G had placed multiple requests to be seen by medical personnel concerning a lump on his groin and for migraines, but no one had responded. In response to the PJC's demand, Mr. G was then examined and provided medication, and an ultrasound was ordered. This is a fairly typical example of delayed or denied health care until exposed to advocates outside the facility.

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