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Tell Sen. Zirkin to call a vote on bill for attorney fees for MD constitutional law violations

March 20, 2015:  Please call Senator Bobby Zirkin, Chair of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, and ask him to call a vote and support Senate Bill 319 -- Attorney Fees for Maryland Constitutional Law Violations. 
This important bill will help low-income Marylanders bring a claim to court when their rights under the Maryland constitution have been violated. The bill would allow a judge to award the victim reasonable attorney’s fees if they win the case. Awarding attorney fees will:
  • Provide better access to our courts
  • Discourage state agencies from violating our constitutional rights
  • Make people whole when the state does violate their constitutional rights
  • Have Maryland courts decide Maryland constitutional issues rather than going to federal court.
The House of Delegates' committee has already passed this bill, but it is being held up in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. Right now please call or email Senator Bobby Zirkin (410-841-3131 or bobby.zirkin@senate.state.md.us) and tell him that you want him to call a vote on SB 319 and to support the bill.
Thank you!

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