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Baltimore County Council rejects the HOME Act

August 2, 2016: Last night, the Baltimore County Council rejected a bill that would have ensured fair treatment in housing of thousands of low-income, disabled and minority county residents. The bill, called the HOME Act, would have prohibited discrimination against renters based on their lawful source of income. Frederick, Howard, and Montgomery Counties already have source of income laws.
This bill, designed to treat all County residents equally and enable persons forced to live in segregated communities a chance to raise their families in safe, viable communities, follows the county’s settlement earlier this year of a housing discrimination complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development several years ago. The complaint alleged decades of housing discrimination against disabled and minority county tenants.  

Councilman Julian Jones, the lone voice in support of the bill, addressed his fellow members before the vote: “The bill is very simple. What we’re talking about here is discrimination and prejudice. Many of us don’t know how that feels.” Please send a note to thank him for taking this critical stand and unwavering support of the bill.

Under the terms of the settlement, the county is required to reintroduce the bill after the next county election and every year thereafter. For more information on the County HOME Act, visit here.

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