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Welcome to new board members

October 25, 2016: We are pleased to welcome new board members Elizabeth Hafey, Esq. of Miles & Stockbridge, PC, Professor Heather Harris of Stevenson University, Cristina Meneses, Esq., MS, and Darryl Tarver, Esq. of Venable LLP. They bring great passion for the Public Justice Center’s mission! Each year we ask new and continuing board members to share why they’re involved. We share a handful of their responses  below.

“I am passionate about social justice, race equity, and eliminating all forms of oppression and marginalization. The PJC works on multiple issues that lead to a more equitable society and I want to be a part of that endeavor.” – Cristina Meneses

“A large part of my motivation for becoming a lawyer was to promote equity and justice; serving on the Board of the Public Justice Center is an impactful way to do that.” – Darryl Tarver

“PJC is a unique and dynamic organization that innovates in the fights against injustice. I am proud to serve.” – Colin Starger

“My personal philosophy is love in action. Action in many cases comes in the form of justice.  In working with the PJC Board of Directors, I am not only helping to ensure justice for those often perceived as disenfranchised; I am also ensuring justice for myself. As a woman, and a person of color, I recognize, and I am reminded, on a daily basis that my degrees serve as little protection from those who choose to see my intersecting identities in particular ways. Serving on the PJC Board of Directors will allow me to perform justice rather than participate in the performance of oppressions. We all stand to benefit from the work of the PJC. We are not doing anyone any favors. This work is about all of us.” – Heather Harris

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