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The Public Justice Center stands with communities impacted by new administration’s executive actions

February 6, 2017: The Public Justice Center stands in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, and other communities whose rights are under attack due to the actions of the new administration. Now more than ever, the PJC is committed to pursuing systemic change to build a just society for all members of our community.

The PJC, a Maryland civil legal services organization founded in 1985, uses legal advocacy tools to pursue social justice, economic and race equity, and fundamental human rights for people who are struggling to provide for their basic needs. The PJC is a team of attorneys and legal professionals who litigate in state and federal courts and advocate for better policies in Annapolis. The PJC’s clients are workers who have been robbed of their fair wages; tenants who are subject to poor housing conditions because of their income and race; students who are homeless or unaccompanied; youth who suffer disproportionate discipline in schools because of the color of their skin; and public benefit recipients who cannot access supports and services to which they are entitled because of their language differences. Many of our clients are immigrants themselves, and we are committed to using the law to enforce their rights.

We are working with our networks to identify ways in which we can expand our advocacy on behalf of for immigrant and refugee communities. Proof of status is not a requirement for services in our office. We welcome our communities to talk to us, share their worries and help us build a just society together.

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