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Call these Senators now to stop SB 983! SB 983 threatens bail reform.

March 21, 2017

Last night, Senate Bill 983 was approved as amended by a relatively small majority of Senators – 25 to 21, with one abstention. Even with significant amendments, the bill would undo a unanimous ruling by the Court of Appeals of Maryland that says defendants can't be held in jail simply because they're too poor to afford bail.
Even short jail stays can cost families their household income for months—rent is late, the car note is unpaid, groceries are foregone, and jobs are lost. This creates a domino effect for families who are already in poverty; it jeopardizes their ability to meet basic needs and threatens their very survival.
The bill has at least two more vote stages in the Senate before passing over to the House. Between now and then, we need to urge three key Senators to vote NO. They are:

Sen. Ulysses Currie, Prince George’s County, 301-858-3127, ulysses.currie@senate.state.md.us
Sen. Douglas Peters, Prince George’s County, 301-858-3631, douglas.peters@senate.state.md.us
Sen. Barbara Robinson, Baltimore City, 410-841-3656, barbara.robinson@senate.state.md.us

Now is the time to flood their offices with calls and emails—regardless of how the bill is amended, they should vote NO against SB 983 on third reader.
Thank you!

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