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Urgent action needed: Urge your Senator to vote YES on SB 705!

March 22, 2017

The PJC has been working in coalition to pass this bill for five years, and we’re very close this year.  The bill would allow a court to award attorney’s fees to a plaintiff who prevails in enforcing the Maryland Constitution or Declaration of Rights against a government agency. The federal constitution and laws, and many Maryland laws provide for attorney’s fees to promote enforcement by private citizens. (The government can’t do it all alone, especially where it’s the government who’s violating our rights.) It’s time our state constitution got the same protection! The lobbyists for county and municipal governments are trying to mislead your Senator about what the bill does and doesn’t do, in order to defeat it.

Please call and email your Senator right away. The vote is tomorrow morning (Thursday). Tell your Senator:

Don’t be misled by Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) and Maryland Municipal League (MML). They are not telling the truth about the bill. For example, it doesn’t create an open season for frivolous law suits. Plaintiffs can’t get fees in frivolous cases and in fact will have to pay the government’s attorneys fees! Vote YES on SB 705 to provide access to justice for your constituents.

Find your Senator here.

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