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REVISED - Vote NO To Speeding Up Evictions In Maryland


REVISED: Our previous alert included invalid email addresses. Email addresses below have been corrected.


Call or email Delegates and urge them to vote NO on SB 706


On April 4, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted 6-5 to pass SB 706, which will speed up the eviction process and shorten the appeal period in many breach of lease cases from 10 days to 4 days.  SB 706 takes a sledgehammer to the due process protections for tenants in breach of lease cases and will increase evictions in Maryland.  The full Senate passed the bill on April 6.  SB 706 is now before the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee and then potentially in the House Environment and Transportation Committee.


Call and email the following Committee Chairs and urge them to VOTE NO on SB 706.  The last thing we need is to speed up evictions and potentially increase homelessness.


Chairwoman Anne HealeyAnne.Healey@house.state.md.us, (410) 841-3961

Chair of the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee.


Chairman Kumar BarveKumar.Barve@house.state.md.us (410) 841-3990

Chair of the House Environment and Transportation Committee.


Subcommittee Chairman Marvin HolmesMarvin.Holmes@house.state.md.us (410) 841-3310, Chair of the Housing Subcommittee of Environment and Transportation


Contact info for all House Environment and Transportation Committee members is available here and they are listed by jurisdiction below:


Chair, Del. Kumar Barve (D – Dist. 17 Montgomery County)

Vice Chair, Del. Dana Stein, (D – Dist. 11 Baltimore County)


Baltimore County

     Del. Jay Jalisi (D – Dist. 10)

     Del. Stephen Lafferty (D – Dist. 42A)

Baltimore City

     Del. Robbyn Lewis (D – Dist. 46)

     Del. Cory McCray (D – Dist. 45)

Montgomery County

     Del. Alfred Carr (D – Dist.18)

     Del. David Fraser-Hidalgo (D – Dist. 15)

     Del. Jim Gilchrist (D – Dist. 17)

     Del. Shane Robinson (D – Dist. 39)

Prince George’s County

     Del. Anne Healey (D – Dist. 22)

     Del. Marvin Holmes (D – Dist. 23B)

     Del. Tony Knotts (D – Dist. 26)

Anne Arundel County

     Del. Pamela Beidle (D – Dist. 32)

     Del. Herb McMillan (R – Dist. 30A)

Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties

     Del. Barbara Frush (D – Dist. 21)

Howard County

     Del. Robert Flanagan (R – Dist.9B)

Frederick County

     Del. William Folden (R – Dist. 3B)

Kent, Queen Anne's, Cecil, and Caroline Counties

     Del. Jay Jacobs (R – Dist. 36)

Somerset and Worcester Counties

     Del. Charles Otto (R – Dist. 38A)

Cecil and Harford Counties

     Del. Andrew Cassilly (R – District 35B)

Wicomico County

     Del. Carl Anderton (R – Dist. 38B)

Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties

     Del. Jerry Clark (R – Dist. 29C)

Washington County

     Del. William Wivell (R – Dist. 2A)


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