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It's time to demand #WaterForAll

September 13, 2017

As water rates rise to pay for improvements to keep our water clean, the burden of these price increases is falling hard on many Baltimore residents. More and more working families, seniors and other low-income households are unable to pay their bills and face having their water service cut off. From our office at Rent Court, we see the impact when tenants are threatened with eviction over a water bill, or when tenants can’t get the water turned back on because the unpaid bill is in the landlord’s name.

As a partner in the #WaterForAll Campaign, we're kicking into high gear to demand access to clean, affordable water for everyone in Baltimore. Can you help make sure the Baltimore City Council passes a comprehensive response to the water crisis?

In the next week, there are several opportunities to make sure that clean water is affordable and accessible to all:

1)  On September 18 at 4:00 pm in front of City Hall, supporters of the #WaterForAll campaign are gathering to deliver petition signatures and tell the City Council that they must act now if they are to prevent thousands of people from losing their homes in 2018. Can you join us on the 18th?

2) Sign the petition to demand that the city pass an ordinance to make water affordable for all Baltimoreans. And if you are connected to an organization, sign this letter of support for water affordability on behalf of your organization. Email Bennet Wilcox at Jews United for Justice (bennet@jufj.org) to add your signature.

3) Call Council President Jack Young to encourage him to introduce a comprehensive solution! Dial 917-791-2257. Here's an example of what you might say:

"Hi my name is (name) and I live at (address) in Baltimore. I am calling to ask that the Council President support a comprehensive solution to our water affordability crisis. This solution must include percentage-of-income billing for low-income households and create an Office of Water Ombuds to address billing problems. Council President Young should involve the public and community groups in this process."

Together we can make sure that our Baltimore is one that respects every Baltimorean’s right to water.

Thank you!

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