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Maryland Suspension Representation Project launches to help kids stay in school

September 18, 2017: Suspended for arriving late. Expelled for disrupting class. Sent home for not wearing a uniform. Outsized punishment for such minor lapses is more common than you’d think. Practices like these can prevent or discourage young people from staying on track to complete their education and harm youth of color at a higher rate than their white peers. To ensure that students can stay in school, the Public Justice Center and allies are launching the Maryland Suspension Representation Project. Together with Disability Rights Maryland, the Office of the Public Defender and the University of Maryland School of Law Youth, Education and Justice Clinic, we will provide free advice and representation to youth and their parents in suspension and expulsion cases statewide, as well as in situations when students are sent home from school without an official suspension or forced to transfer to another school for  disciplinary reasons. Students and parents can call 443-873-3531 to speak with an advocate. The immediate goal is to minimize the time students spend out of school and get them the support they need. More broadly, we aim to ensure that state and local school discipline policies are enforced and to monitor where there are violations. Click here for a flyer to share with students and parents.

To spread the word about the Maryland Suspension Representation Project, we are providing trainings for youth, parents, and community groups. Participants will learn about students’ rights during the school discipline process and how to advocate for themselves or their children. If you would like to schedule a training for your community group, contact Renuka Rege at reger@publicjustice.org or 410-625-9409 x272.

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