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Tell your Senator today: Don't delay earned sick days!

February 7, 2018
We have been successful in delaying the debate and vote on the amended SB 304, a bill that would delay earned sick and safe leave for Maryland workers and their families. Today we expect a robust debate on the Senate floor during the 10:00 am floor session. We must remain steadfast in our resistance to any addtional delays to providing this important benefit to our most vulnerable workers. 
Your Senator needs to hear from YOU. So, there are two things that you can do to help push back against this bad delay.
1. Join us in Annapolis to urge no more delays on earned sick leave. We need as many people as possible to build presence in the State House and Senate chambers to show that we continue to remain committed to ensuring that 700,000 Marylanders have access to earned sick leave on February 11th. No more delays.
2. Take a moment to contact your Senator to urge a RED vote on Senate Bill 304 as amended by the Senate Finance Committee. Tell your Senator to oppose any further delay in providing sick & safe leave to the 700,000 Marylanders who have been waiting six years for it, and who need it the most. To locate your Senator, please use this link.
We cannot stress enough how important it is to take action NOW to block any delay that would impact Maryland's low-wage workers across the state from accessing earned sick and safe leave.
Thank you!

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