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Take action on skyrocketing prescription drug prices

Tell your legislators to support amended HB 1194 to create a Drug Cost Commission

April 3, 2018

Marylanders from across the state say that the prices of prescription drugs are simply too high. Last year, Maryland made history by enacting the first law in the nation to prohibit price gouging by manufacturers of generic or off-patent drugs.

This year we can build on the progress by creating the Drug Cost Commission, an independent body which would study escalating prescription drug prices and report back to the General Assembly on what can be done to make prescription drugs more affordable, taking into account the entire supply chain on prescription drug prices.

Last night the Health Facilities & Pharmaceuticals Subcommittee of the House Health and Government Operations Committee voted to pass an amended version of HB 1194, the Drug Cost Commission bill. Soon we believe it will go to a vote in the House, then the Senate Finance Committee and Health Subcommittee, and then the Senate. We are pleased that, if enacted, the amended bill will continue to move this issue forward and build for future General Assembly Sessions.

To make that happen, we need your help!


First, please send an email to your Senators and Delegates to urge them to support the amended bill and oppose weakening changes from the drug corporations! Our friends at in the Health Care for All! Coalition have a webpage to help with sending your message here.

Second, please check to see if your Senators are on the Finance Committee and if so, call their office. It is especially important that members of the Committee hear from their constituents!

You can find your legislators' names and contact information here.

For more about HB1194, click here.


For more information about the PJC’s work on this bill, contact Debra Gardner at (410) 625-9409 x228 or gardnerd@publicjustice.org. For general inquiries about legislation, contact John Nethercut at (410) 625-9409 x238 or nethercutj@publicjustice.org.

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