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Baltimore City Council passes bill to make tenants aware of legal and financial resources

May 8, 2018

Good news from last night’s Baltimore City Council meeting!

The Council passed bill no. 18-0179, which will require landlords and the Sheriff’s office to provide a brochure to tenants that describes their rights in eviction and lists legal and financial resources available to avoid eviction. The brochure must be provided when the lease is signed and whenever the landlord files an eviction complaint for failure to pay rent. The bill now heads to the Mayor’s desk for signature.

This critical eviction-prevention legislation is a significant additional educational resource for City residents who are at risk of eviction and the homelessness, job loss, education disruption, and negative health impacts often caused by eviction. The Public Justice Center testified in favor of the bill and offered amendments, some of which were accepted. We offer our sincere thanks to bill sponsor Councilman Kristerfer Burnett, Council President Jack Young and the ten other Council Members who co-sponsored the bill, and all allies and supporters.

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