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Workers hold cleaning company accountable for unpaid wages

June 7, 2018

Michelle Henry and Robin Diesel spent a lot of time on the road. As employees of Majestic Maids, they traveled throughout Maryland cleaning homes and other properties. But their employer refused to pay for the hours of time they were required to travel each week, depriving them of thousands of dollars of hard-earned wages.

Ms. Diesel and Ms. Henry decided to stand up for their rights. With representation from the Public Justice Center, they sued Majestic Maids and its owner for their wages. They persisted as the case progressed over the years before ultimately negotiating a terrific settlement in January 2018. Majestic Maids agreed to pay Ms. Henry and Ms. Diesel over $11,600, including the full amount of their unpaid wages plus a substantial measure of damages. The company also agreed to change its policy to require the payment of mandatory travel time, ensuring that current and future employees will be compensated for the time they are required to be on the road. Ms. Diesel and Ms. Henry are pleased to have finally received what they are owed and happy that others working for the company will not experience the injustice they suffered.

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