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San Francisco votes to provide lawyers for tenants in eviction cases

June 5, 2018: We’re thrilled that San Francisco now joins New York City in ensuring that tenants have a lawyer when their housing is in jeopardy. Thanks to a successful ballot initiative on June 5, the city now guarantees that all tenants facing eviction have a lawyer by their side. Passing with 56% of the vote, Prop F will apply to all tenants regardless of income. The San Francisco Right to Counsel Committee, a coalition of tenant groups and other advocates, organized the ballot initiative. We were proud to play a role, with the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel authoring a ballot statement that accompanied the initiative language distributed to the voters. The statement addressed the cost savings the City should realize if the right to counsel was adopted. With over 3,000 eviction cases filed and approximately 1,600 tenants evicted in San Francisco in 2017, Prop F will go a long way to keeping more people in their homes. Click here for more on the campaign, as well as press coverage.

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