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Parting words from Development Director Jennifer Pelton

January 2, 2019

Thank you and farewell.

It is truly spectacular to know you’re helping to change the world.

Since 2003, I have been lucky enough to work side-by-side with people doing just that at the Public Justice Center. In my role as Director of Development, and as a donor myself, I have seen how money contributed here translates into powerful results that transform lives and communities. In my 15 years, we’ve celebrated significant wins and weathered disappointing outcomes, only to rise up again and persist some more. Every day I am reminded that justice requires a team and its success requires grit, passion, creativity and, yes, humor. This PJC team has all that and more. And we have some incredible donors who share the same dream of building a just society.

It has been a pleasure sharing our justice stories with you and welcoming more and more people to supporting our mission. Over the years, your generosity has helped us more than double the annual budget. Together, we have strengthened the financial position of the PJC and provided the cash that it takes to combat some of this society’s most deeply entrenched racist and discriminatory practices.
I am grateful I got to be part of something this incredible. Now, the end of a long and very enjoyable run raising money for the PJC comes to an end. At the end of December, I said goodbye to my PJC colleagues and headed off to a new professional adventure. But I’m not really going away… I remain committed to the mission as a proud donor. Stand with me? You too can be part of changing the world!


Jennifer K. Pelton, CFRE

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