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“The job we do – there’s nothing minimum about it.”

Home care worker tells Delegates why Maryland should raise the minimum wage
February 28, 2019

PJC client Dennise Vaughn joined PJC attorney David Rodwin in February to testify in support of HB 166, which would increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. She described to Maryland Delegates her life as a home care worker. Assisting elderly clients with their daily activities. Juggling 15-hour work days with caring for her own children. Pay so low that the long days are not enough to make ends meet. “I think that $15 an hour is not too much to ask to help us live a decent life,” she said. 
As part of the Fight for $15 campaign, the Public Justice Center supports HB 166’s goal to raise the minimum wage. Through our representation of low-wage workers, we see how employers’ failure to pay workers fully and fairly makes it difficult for people to support their families. And we hear how workers cheated out of their wages are often afraid to complain because they fear having their hours cut, being fired, or being blacklisted. HB 166 would have protected workers from such retaliation, but unfortunately, these provisions were stripped from the bill. As the Fight for $15 moves forward, we will continue to push legislators for a strong bill that enhances workers’ rights and compensates people like Ms. Vaughn fairly for their labor.

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