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Tell your Baltimore City Councilmember: Don't weaken protections from housing discrimination

March 7, 2019

CB# 18-0308, the bill to ban housing discrimination based on source of income in Baltimore City is up for second reader vote in the full City Council on Monday, March 11.

We need your help!

Opponents to housing integration are pushing an amendment that would let landlords impose a 20% cap on renting to certain people merely because of their source of income.

A 20% cap means 80% discrimination!

Call your City Councilmember today and say:
"I believe in civil rights and oppose caps on CB 18-0308!"

Baltimore City Council
John Bullock, 410-396-4815, John.Bullock@baltimorecity.gov
Kristefer Burnett, 410-396-4818, Kristerfer.Burnett@baltimorecity.gov
Mary Pat Clarke, 410-396-4814, MaryPat.Clarke@baltimorecity.gov
Zeke Cohen, 410-396-4821, Zeke.Cohen@baltimorecity.gov
Eric Costello, 410-396-4816, Eric.Costello@baltimorecity.gov
Ryan Dorsey (Bill Sponsor), 410-396-4812, Ryan.Dorsey@baltimorecity.gov
Bill Henry, 410-396-4830, Bill.Henry@baltimorecity.gov
Sharon Middleton, 410-396-4832, Sharon.Middleton@baltimorecity.gov
Leon Pinkett, 410-396-4810, Leon.Pinkett@baltimorecity.gov
Edward Reisinger, 410-396-4822, Edward.Reisinger@baltimorecity.gov
Isaac "Yitzy" Schleifer, 410-396-4819, Isaac.Schleifer@baltimorecity.gov
Brandon Scott, 410-396-4808, Brandon.Scott@baltimorecity.gov
Shannon Sneed, 410-396-4829, Shannon.Sneed@baltimorecity.gov
Robert Stokes, 410-396-4811, Robert.Stokes@baltimorecity.gov
Council President Jack Young, 410-396-4808, CouncilPresident@baltimorecity.gov
Don't know your Councilmember?  Check with your address here

About Source of Income Discrimination
Source of income discrimination contributes to concentrations of poverty, racially segregated housing and homelessness. Over 70 local jurisdictions and 13 states prohibit this practice, including three counties and two cities in Maryland. In 2017, the American Bar Association adopted a policy urging governments to prohibit the practice. It is time for Baltimore to stop allowing this form of housing discrimination! Read more about the City bill and statewide efforts to ban source of income discrimination in housing here.
For more information about CB 18-0308, contact Antonia Fasanelli at afasanelli@hprplaw.org or Matt Hill at hillm@publicjustice.org.

The coalition supporting CB 18-0308 includes:
ACLU of Maryland
Baltimore Chapter, NAACP
Baltimore Housing Roundtable
Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership
BRIDGE Maryland, Inc.
Citizens Planning and Housing Association
Community Development Network of Maryland
Disability Rights Maryland
Health Care for the Homeless
Homeless Persons Representation Project
IMAGE Center
Jews United for Justice
Public Justice Center
United Workers

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