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Tell your legislators: Support restorative approaches and end the school-to-prison pipeline in Maryland!

March 13, 2019

HB 725 and HB 1229, two bills pending before the Maryland House of Delegates, aim to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and support the implementation of restorative approaches in schools.
Restorative approaches – like peer mediation, community conferencing, positive behavioral interventions and supports – have been shown to improve student behavior, prevent and resolve conflict, and positively impact overall school climate. Suspension and expulsion practices, by contrast, worsen student behavior and school climate, and increase the risk that excluded students will drop out and become involved with the justice system.
HB 725 requires local school systems to utilize restorative approaches rather than relying excessively on suspension and expulsion. HB 1229 provides state-level funding to support that work.

Tell your state legislators to support HB 725 and HB 1229 today! You can find your legislators and their contact information at www.mdelect.net.

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