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Urgent Action Request: Protect Maryland Workers!

March 19, 2019

Take action for Maryland workers NOW! Because Maryland’s House and Senate passed different versions of the $15 minimum wage bill (HB 166 & SB 280), a committee is meeting TODAY at 12:30 p.m. to reconcile them. This meeting will have huge consequences for the lives in low-wage Maryland workers. That’s because the Senate bill would delay full implementation of a $15 minimum wage until 2028 for businesses with 15 or fewer employees. The Senate bill would be a disaster for Maryland workers, approximately 80% of whom work for businesses with 15 or fewer employees. Maryland workers can’t wait to 2028 just to make $15 an hour! We need you to say NO to the Senate bill.

Members of this conference committee are Delegates Dereck Davis, Kathleen Dumais, and C.T. Wilson, and Senators Malcolm Augustine, Brian Feldman, and Delores Kelley. If you live in the district of any of these legislators, please call and/or email them and urge them to adopt the House version of the bill, which would allow ALL covered workers to earn a $15 minimum wage by 2025. These legislators’ contract information is below. Here’s what we are asking you to do for Maryland’s low-wage workers:

  1. Enter your home address into mdelect.net to learn your state delegates and state senator.  
  2. If you live in the district of any of the above legislators, call them with the message that (i) you’re a constituent, (ii) you’re calling about the minimum wage bill about to go into conference committee, (iii) you want a $15 minimum wage to be fully implemented by 2025 for ALL workers, not just those who work for large businesses.   
  3. Email them (legislators really do read their emails!) and write something similar to the script above.  

Here is the conference committee legislators’ contact information:

  1. Senator Malcolm Augustine: 410-841-3745 and malcolm.augustine@senate.state.md.us
  2. Senator Brian Feldman: 410-841-3169 and brian.feldman@senate.state.md.us
  3. Senator Delores Kelley: 410-841-3606 and delores.kelley@senate.state.md.us
  4. Delegate Kathleen Dumais: 410-841-3052 and kathleen.dumais@house.state.md.us
  5. Delegate Dereck Davis: 410-841-3519 and dereck.davis@house.state.md.us
  6. Delegate C.T. Wilson: 410-841-3325 and ct.wilson@house.state.md.us

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