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Last chance: Tell your legislators to end the school-to-prison pipeline in Maryland!

A package of bills pending before the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs (EHEA) Committee seeks to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and support the implementation of restorative approaches in schools. Each of these bills has passed the House:

HB 439 – Prohibits school police officers from participating in routine student discipline matters

HB 725 – States that school district policies on student discipline should provide guidance on restorative approaches, i.e. practices like peer mediation, community conferencing, and positive behavioral interventions and supports, which are more effective than suspension and expulsion for improving student behavior and school climate.

HB 1229 – Creates a state-level fund to support the use of restorative approaches within school districts.

HB 1208 – Creates a state-level oversight mechanism for the implementation of restorative approaches within school districts.

Now we need EHEA to bring these bills to the Senate Floor! If one of the following committee members is your Senator, call and ask for their support today:

  • Paul Pinsky – 410-841-3155
  • Shirley Nathan-Pulliam – 410-841-3612
  • Jack Bailey – 410-841-3673
  • Arthur Ellis – 410-841-3616
  • Cheryl Kagan – 410-841-3134
  • Clarence Lam – 410-841-3653
  • Obie Patterson – 410-841-3092
  • Ronald Young – 410-841-3575

You can find your legislators and additional contact information at www.mdelect.net.

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