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Baltimore City Council Poised to Pass Clean Streets Bill

On Monday, August 13, at 5:00 pm the Baltimore City Council could give final approval to a bill that would clean up Baltimore's streets and treat city tenants more humanely. This bill is the result of a three year effort of the Rental Housing Coalition, a group of tenant activists organized by the Public Justice Center and community organizations organized by the Citizens Planning and Housing Association. The bill seeks to change the practice of “chattel” evictions, in which the tenant is not notified of the specific date of an eviction, and the tenants’ belongings are dumped into the public street. Cleaning up over 7000 evictions each year costs Baltimore City taxpayers at least $800,000 per year.

Council Bill 07-0665 makes two major advances in the treatment of tenants facing eviction: First, Baltimore City landlords are now required to provide the tenant with notice of the date the sheriff is scheduled to carry out the eviction – 14 days notice by first class and certified mail and 7 days notice by posting the property. Second, landlords are now prohibited from dumping the tenant’s property in the street – landlords are responsible for properly disposing of the abandoned property at the city dump.

Please do two things:

  • call or email your council person to vote in favor of Council Bill 07-0665 on August 13th. Click here for contact info for the City Council: http://capwiz.com/cphabaltimore/officials/locality/?entity_id=74&state=MD
  • come show your support at the hearing at 5:00 on August 13th at City Hall, and then join us for a (hopefully) celebratory party afterward!

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