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Call Council President to Support Clean Streets!

Advocates for tenants and cleaner neighborhoods have joined forces with the Mayor to STOP HAVING OUR STUFF THROWN OUT ON THE STREET!

Thankfully, Councilmember Kenneth Harris has introduced the Clean Streets bill, which will provide proper notice to tenants of their eviction, a free storage period of 3-days for their things after eviction, and ending the inhumane practice of throwing people’s stuff out in the street.

We ask that you call City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at 410-396-4804 to urge her to support the Clean Streets bill as introduced – to help make sure that special interests don’t water down the bill with unnecessary and harmful amendments – such as trying to charge low-income tenants for the 3-day storage period.

Questions? Call Levern Blackmon or Ricardo Flores of the Public Justice Center at 410-625-9409.

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