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PJC joins ACLU brief on custody & visitation rights of same-sex parents

Amicus Brief in Janice M. v. Margaret K., Maryland Court of Appeals Case No. 122 (Sept. Term 2006) The Public Justice Center joined an amicus brief filed by the ACLU in this case involving custody and visitation rights of same-sex parenting couples. Margaret K. is a lesbian parent who is not the legal parent of Janice M.'s adopted child, but who had nonetheless, with Janice's consent and support, in the context of their domestic partnership, developed a strong parent-child bond with their child from the moment she was adopted until the mothers' relationship ended many years later. Although the legal brief was cast in terms of legal arguments, the message is simple: These parents should be on equal footing before the court, with each entitled to demonstrate to the court that the best interests of their child should determine questions of custody and visitation.

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