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Public Justice Center releases 2011 legislative report

May 6, 2011: Living in poverty in America is usually described in terms of hardship, lack of resources, and denied opportunity. All true, and all contribute to one very salient fact of being poor: not having a voice. Or more precisely, not having enough power to have a voice of influence.

Confronting injustice on behalf of people living in poverty means being able to make the voice of the people heard in the courts, the agencies, and in the halls and hearing rooms of Annapolis. When you want to change an unjust law, you must talk to the law maker.

Please take a minute to review the Public Justice Center’s report on its work in the 2011 Maryland General Assembly Session. It highlights the work of the PJC in Annapolis this past session. The PJC led legislative campaigns on 17 bills, and won 13 of them (a “win” counts as either a good bill passed or a bad bill defeated).

Victories include:

  • Strengthened protections against employer retaliation when workers make a complaint, bring an action, or testify under the Maryland Wage and Hour Law.
  • Greater protections against landlord retaliation for tenants who exercise their rights to make complaints about dangerous housing conditions, participate in lawsuits, or join tenant unions.

Thank you to our coalition allies, Public Policy Partners, and everyone who wrote or called their legislators in response to the many legislative alerts sent this session.

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