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Court of Appeals Ruling on Victor A. case

April 19, 2005: The Court of Appeals has issued an opinion in the case of In re: Adoption/Guardianship of Victor A. that is consistent with an amicus brief filed by the Public Justice Center.  Staff Attorney Carolyn Johnson, writing for the PJC  and the Maryland Disability Law Project, successfully argued that the Court should consider long-term placement and that it may be preferred over adoption in some cases.  The Court affirmed that the fact that the child involved had special needs does not mean a different standard should be applied in determining the child's best interests.  The PJC weighed in on this case not to support or oppose the lower court's decision on the facts of this case, but to ensure that children with or without disabilities are treated as individuals in the child welfare system.   

Daily Record: ‘Best interest’ standard the same for disabled child

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