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PJC Appeals Case of Landlord Using Threat of Eviction to Collect More Than Is Legally Due

On November 8, 2004, the Public Justice Center filed a brief in the Court of Special Appeals in the case of Ramsey, et al., v. Mid-Atlantic Realty Mgmt, et al.  The PJC represents a tenant who was forced to flee from her home when her landlord threatened to immediately evict her if she failed to pay a sum of money that was greater than the amount a court had determined to be due.  The practice of using threats of eviction to collect more money than is legally due is a recurring problem. 
Ms. Ramsey sued for violations of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), Debt Collection Practices Act (DCPA), and the Right to Redeem and Security Deposit laws. The Circuit Court for Baltimore City dismissed all claims.  The appeal raises a number of novel legal issues, including whether the CPA and DCPA apply to this landlord-tenant matter, whether the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over the security deposit claims, and whether a tenant can bring a wrongful eviction claim based on violations of the statutory right to redeem.  Sally Dworak-Fisher and Beth Mellen Harrison, Francis D. Murnaghan Appellate Advocacy Fellow wrote the brief.

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