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PJC Op Ed in Daily Record: To Governor Ehrlich: No Surprises Please

Public Justice Center E-Alert

May 21, 2004: The Daily Record publishes an op ed urging Governor Ehrlich not to veto legislation that would require public notice of emergency regulations before they go into effect. This editorial is written to show the Governor that everyone who is regulated by a state agency is benefited by this legislation. The Public Justice Center's primary concern is to protect people receiving medical assistance -- fully one third of the regulations issued by the Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene are emergency regulations, which means that poor people's advocates might not even hear of them, much less be able to respond, before they go into effect. This legislation was drafted and lobbied by the Public Justice Center team of Laurie Norris, Kevin Slayton, and John Nethercut. With our partner ACY (Advocates for Children and Youth), we put together the sponsors and proponents. It is an example of a rather arcane piece of legislation that few would even know about, but that will have a major impact on our clients and the programs to which they are entitled . . . if the Governor does not veto the bill. [Post script: the Governor did veto the bill, explaining that it would infringe upon executive authority].

In the Daily Record: Opinion – Message to Gov. Ehrlich: No surprises, please

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