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Tell TransUnion: Don't put workers in the Credit Catch-22

October 25, 2011: The Public Justice Center has co-signed an open letter to credit reporting giant TransUnion, calling on the company to stop selling credit reports to employers. TransUnion has led the credit reporting industry in defending credit checks in hiring, a practice that puts job seekers in a Catch-22 and has a discriminatory impact on African American and Latino job applicants. Last year, with the support of the Public Justice Center, Maryland’s state legislature rightly took steps to limit the employers’ reliance on such credit reports.

But we need to do more, and seek your help. This open letter has been signed by more than 25 prominent national organizations, including NOW, National Council of La Raza, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the AFL-CIO and the American Association of People with Disabilities (The full list of the signatories and a link to the letter are here.).
Please take a moment to click here to sign on to the letter to TransUnion from the campaign website, www.creditcatch22.org.
If you or someone you know has been denied a job or a promotion because of your credit history, please contact the Public Justice Center. For more information on Maryland’s new Job Applicant Fairness Act, click here.
Below are some of the recent press pieces coming out of a press conference with leaders in this effort.
Join us! Sign the letter to TransUnion to stop selling credit reports to employers.

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