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Help us to Move Maryland Forward in 2012

We are excited to announce that the Just Kids Partnership has joined the Moving Maryland Forward Network (MMFN)! 

MMFN is a new initiative to connect organizations focused on social advocacy in Maryland. By harnessing the power of online organizing tools, we will build a unique network of progressive campaigns working to ensure fairness, equality and justice for all Marylanders. But it all starts with YOU! Will you help us Move Maryland Forward?
The initial members of the Moving Maryland Forward Network are:
The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland  (ACLU of MD) - focusing on Marriage Equality in partnership with the Marylanders for Marriage Equality Coalition
The Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition (MCRC) - advocating for increased fairness for consumers around a myriad of issues. Their campaign is focusing on preventing abusive lending & foreclosure practices.
The Maryland Budget and Tax Policy Institute (MBTPI) - advancing practical and progressive solutions to the state budget cuts, and representing the Save Our State Campaign (SOS), which seeks to employ reasonable revenue options that would reduce reliance on spending cuts and preserve public investments in education, health, public safety, and other essentials
The Just Kids Partnership - campaigning toward preventing youths from being treated as and incarcerated with adults in the criminal justice system
Please check out our website at www.movingmdforward.net. This is only the beginning. We are a new coalition and more organizations will join over time as we work collectively for progressive causes in our state. Please check back for updates on our website as we progress.
We need your help to spread the word today, so please take any of the following actions that you can:
• Tell a friend about MMFN
• “Like” us on Facebook
• Follow us on Twitter
We are proud to be amongst the premiere members of the MMFN and look forward to sharing more with you as our efforts progress, but they all start with YOU, so please help us spread the word today!

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