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Public Justice Center Releases 2010 Legislative Session Report

As legal advocates for people living in poverty, it is not enough that we simply work within the existing framework of law and procedure. When we encounter unjust laws, laws that do not give Maryland’s poor and working families equal access to justice, or laws that try to further erode what rights they do have, we must talk to the lawmakers. The Public Justice Center commands the legislative ear by organizing constituents and allies to testify in Annapolis, by researching and drafting legislation, and by door to door lobbying. We work actively with other advocates and within several formal coalitions. This year, we were assisted by Public Policy Partners, our lobbyists on the ground in Annapolis. And most importantly, we bring our clients down to Annapolis to testify so that legislators see the real people who their decisions affect.

The 2010 Session was busy and largely successful for the PJC. The PJC took a position on 23 bills, with 16 wins and 7 losses. The PJC supported another 21 bills through our formal coalitions, with 15 wins and 6 losses.

In this report, you will read more about our efforts to help:

- Tenants gain the right to continue their lease after a foreclosure.

- Workers can now collect up to three times the amount of unpaid overtime.

- Prisoners keep their right to access public information.

For more information about all of the PJC’s efforts during the 2010 Legislative Session, click here.

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