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This is what education stability looks like!

Congrats! Formerly homeless students graduate from college

August 23, 2012: We received these photos from Stephenie Bullock, whose sons Brandon and Morgan Haynes recently graduated from college. While we rejoice any time someone gets their degree, this is particularly special given their perseverance to continue their education.
Back in 2001, the family was evicted from their home in Montgomery County and moved to a temporary residence in the District of Columbia. When the new school year came, the Montgomery County Public Schools wouldn’t let the four children return to their schools. Brandon was kept out all year because MCPS officials said the McKinney-Vento Act didn’t apply to him (The Act provides homeless students the right to school stability). The family filed a lawsuit in 2002, represented by the Public Justice Center, and the court ordered MCPS to allow the children to return to their schools in Montgomery County. The case was later made into a class action, and in 2004, a federal court ordered MCPS to extend the same rights to other homeless students in the school system. You can read more about that injunction here, as well as a story about the family that was written in 2005 here.
When students have stability at school while their housing is in flux, they are more likely to succeed academically. Brandon and Morgan’s achievements are an example of what is possible when motivated students have schools that uphold their rights to stay in school. Congratulations to Morgan and Brandon on their graduation!

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