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Tell your legislator: Family Comes First – Pass the Earned Sick & Safe Leave Act!

February 22, 2013: Everyone gets sick and everyone deserves the opportunity to recover without risking income or job loss. More than 700,000 Maryland workers cannot earn paid sick days and often go to work sick, send sick children to school or daycare, or in the worst situations, lose their job because they cannot come to work.

On February 27, House and Senate committees will hear testimony for the Earned Sick and Safe Leave Act (HB 735/SB 698). Your call, email, or presence in Annapolis will let lawmakers know that you believe that family comes first when illness strikes.
Why paid sick days? Get the fact sheet here.
Contact your legislators
House of Delegates Economic Matters Committee 
Dereck E. Davis, Chair, ext. 3519, dereck.davis@house.state.md.us
David D. Rudolph, Vice-Chair ext. 3444, david.rudolph@house.state.md.us
Charles E. Barkley, ext. 3001, charles.barkley@house.state.md.us
Benjamin S. Barnes, ext. 3046, ben.barnes@house.state.md.us
Aisha N. Braveboy, ext. 3707, aisha.braveboy@house.state.md.us
Emmett C. Burns, Jr., ext. 3352, emmett.burns@house.state.md.us
Galen R. Clagett, ext. 3436, galen.clagett@house.state.md.us
Brian J. Feldman, ext. 3186, brian.feldman@house.state.md.us
Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, ext. 3429, jeannie.haddaway@house.state.md.us
Stephen S. Hershey, Jr., ext. 3543, steve.hershey@house.state.md.us
Tom Hucker, ext. 3474, tom.hucker@house.state.md.us
Richard K. Impallaria, ext. 3289, rick.impallaria@house.state.md.us
Sally Y. Jameson, ext. 3337, sally.jameson@house.state.md.us
Benjamin F. Kramer, ext. 3485, benjamin.kramer@house.state.md.us
Mary Ann Love, ext. 3511, maryann.love@house.state.md.us
Brian K. McHale, ext. 3319, brian.mchale@house.state.md.us
Warren E. Miller, ext. 3582, warren.miller@house.state.md.us
Joseph J. Minnick, ext. 3332, joseph.minnick@house.state.md.us
John A. Olszewski, Jr., ext. 3458, john.olszewski@house.state.md.us
Steven R. Schuh, ext. 3206, steve.schuh@house.state.md.us
Kelly M. Schulz, ext. 3080, kelly.schulz@house.state.md.us
Donna M. Stifler, ext. 3278, donna.stifler@house.state.md.us
Michael L. Vaughn, ext. 3691, michael.vaughn@house.state.md.us
Senate Finance Committee
Thomas M. Middleton, Chair, ext. 3616, thomas.mclain.middleton@senate.state.md.us
John C. Astle, Vice-Chair, ext. 3578,  john.astle@senate.state.md.us
Robert J. Garagiola, ext. 3169, rob.garagiola@senate.state.md.us
Barry Glassman, ext. 3603, barry.glassman@senate.state.md.us
Delores G. Kelley, ext. 3606, delores.kelley@senate.state.md.us
Allan H. Kittleman, ext. 3671, allan.kittleman@senate.state.md.us
Katherine A. Klausmeier, ext. 3620, katherine.klausmeier@senate.state.md.us
James N. Mathias, Jr., ext. 3645, james.mathias@senate.state.md.us
E. J. Pipkin, ext. 3639, ej.pipkin@senate.state.md.us
Catherine E. Pugh, ext. 3656, catherine.pugh@senate.state.md.us
Victor R. Ramirez, ext. 3745, victor.ramirez@senate.state.md.us
Come to the hearings. Help us pack the house!
Hearings in the House and the Senate both start at 1:00 P.M., but the Earned Sick and Safe Leave hearings will be staggered. We will post more information once we know whether our bill will be heard first in the House or the Senate.
House of Delegates Economic Matters Committee
Wednesday, February 27, 1:00 P.M.
6 Bladen St.
 Annapolis, MD 21401
Senate Finance Committee
Wednesday, February 27, 1:00 P.M.
Miller Senate Building
11 Bladen St.
Annapolis, MD 21401
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