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Tell your Senators: Support the Unpaid Wage Lien bill

March 13, 2013

A dollar earned should be a dollar paid.
Why not in Maryland?
Thousands of Maryland employers do not pay their workers the full amount they have earned, robbing them of income needed to pay for rent or groceries. A new bill in the Maryland legislature will make it easier for workers to collect unpaid wages by allowing them to put a lien on their employer's property.
A lien is a common tool used in many industries to encourage prompt payment of debts but is not currently available to most workers. It simply creates a temporary hold to keep the employer from selling, hiding or disposing of the property until the wages are paid or the lien is released.
The House Economic Matters Committee has heard testimony on this bill and now it's the Senate's turn. The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing is on Wednesday, March 13. You can help support SB 758 / HB 1130 by calling these Senators. 
Contact your legislators
Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee
Brian E. Frosh, Chair, ext. 3124, brian.frosh@senate.state.md.us 
Lisa A. Gladden, Vice-Chair, ext. 3697
James Brochin, ext. 3648, jim.brochin@senate.state.md.us
Jennie M. Forehand, ext. 3134, jennie.forehand@senate.state.md.us
Joseph M. Getty, ext. 3683, joseph.getty@senate.state.md.us
Nancy Jacobs, ext. 3158, nancy.jacobs@senate.state.md.us
C. Anthony Muse, ext. 3092, anthony.muse@senate.state.md.us
Jamin B. (Jamie) Raskin, ext. 3634, jamie.raskin@senate.state.md.us
Christopher B. Shank, ext. 3903
Norman R. Stone, Jr., ext. 3587, norman.stone@senate.state.md.us
Robert A. Zirkin, ext. 3131, bobby.zirkin@senate.state.md.us

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