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Call your Md. State Senator now! Vote YES on the HOME Act (SB 487)

March 21, 2013: For the first time in 20 years, a bill that will end source of income discrimination in Maryland, known as the HOME Act (SB 487), has passed out of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

Now we need EVERY vote on the Senate Floor, and we need your help!
First, find your elected official here: http://mdelect.net/
Second, call AND email your state senator and tell them to support the HOME Act (SB 487), ending “source of income” of discrimination in Maryland.
Here are a few talking points:
  • The HOME Act, SB 487, will ensure fairness for everyone who seeks housing and who has a lawful, verifiable source of income to pay the rent.  This will open up thousands of housing opportunities throughout Maryland.
  • This law will stop the practice of denying housing to qualified applicants simply because of that person’s source of lawful income, including social security, SSI, veterans’ vouchers, and housing choice vouchers.
  • This law already exists in Frederick, Howard and Montgomery Counties, 11 other states, and 40 other jurisdictions.
  • Nothing in this law prevents landlords from screening tenants based on normal criteria such as rental history, criminal background, or credit history. 
Call and Email TODAY!  The vote could happen anytime!
Please also share this with your friends and colleagues who may be supportive.
For more information and the list of 55+ organizations that support the HOME Act, click here.

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