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Celebrate Pro Bono!

October 25, 2013: As we mark the National Pro Bono Celebration this week, we asked one of our private co-counsel, Nick Woodfield, why he and his firm work with the PJC through our Litigation Partnership:
"The lawyers at The Employment Law Group, PC recognize the importance of pro bono work, as it is often the case that the people who require legal assistance the most are also the least capable of affording it. As such we endeavor to select pro bono cases where we believe we can make a difference. However, given that we are a private firm, we can only dedicate so much of our efforts toward such goals. That’s why it is so valuable to partner with the Public Justice Center, as the PJC completely understands the importance of focusing finite legal resources on an issue to achieve the greatest impact for the people involved and society as a whole.”
The Employment Law Group’s pro bono work with the Public Justice Center has certainly had an impact. Nick Woodfield recently joined forces with our Workplace Justice Project team on a case representing 80 low-wage construction workers whose employers allegedly misclassified them as independent contractors and failed to pay them fully and on time. Together, we negotiated a settlement of $130,000 for the workers, an amount that represents recovery of alleged overtime wages and an equal amount of liquidated damages.
Sally Dworak-Fisher, the Workplace Justice Project’s lead attorney, commented, “As a non-profit with limited resources, we might otherwise have to pass on some of the very important group cases that we have been litigating with our colleagues at private firms. Without these partnerships, it would be difficult for us to be proactive in identifying and targeting the issues that affect our clients most.” She added, “It was a pleasure to work with Nick and the Employment Law Group. Their commitment to obtaining the best result for the 80 workers we represented was impressive.”  
We truly appreciate the time and energy that law firms and private attorneys bring to the PJC through our Litigation Partnership. In 2013, 126 attorneys and paralegals served as co-counsel and provided pro bono research, contributing more than 7,863 hours of service, valued at $2.48 million. Their generous contribution of expertise helps us to pursue our mission of building a just society. For the 2012-2013 list of active participants in the Litigation Partnership, click here

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