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Donor story: Alicia Wilson

February 25, 2014: 

I give because the PJC sends a message to citizens in need that “they are not alone.” 

Photo of Alicia Wilson

Alicia Wilson is an Associate at the law firm of Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger, and Hollander. She represents clients in all aspects of employment and labor laws, along with representing individuals in litigating custody and divorce matters. Alicia is a proud board member at the Public Justice Center and has been a part of the organization for 16 years. After joining the PJC as a Law Links intern at 15 years old, Alicia states, “I truly believed that the job was a gift.” Her motto as an intern was that good work follows talent, and if you do the best you can your efforts will be noticed. Alicia was correct. Her efforts were noticed and greatly appreciated by Office Manager Brenda Midkiff, who stated that Alicia was “a joy to work with because she always worked hard, regardless of how big or small the task was.”
The PJC taught Alicia the importance of lawyers. She believes that “lawyers are the voice of the people, and they have the power to eliminate the laws that have a negative impact on the lives of citizens.” She believes that the PJC’s greatest resources are the “selfless, smart, passionate, and empathetic staff members that strive to further the PJC’S mission to deliver justice.” Now as a board member, she is very dedicated to her responsibility of ensuring that the PJC has all of the resources needed to fight for justice.
Alicia is very passionate about the PJC’s Education Stability Project. One of her goals for the organization is to make sure this problem does not exist years from now. “School should be the last problem that children have to worry about. It is their fundamental right regardless of their home life. They deserve the opportunity to remain and succeed in school.” In addition to supporting the Education Stability Project, Alicia advocates for children’s education rights as co-chair of the Public Education Committee for the Bar Association of Baltimore City.
Alicia is very active in the social justice community by serving as an officer in various associations in Maryland, including serving as the Fundraising Committee Co-Chair or the Alliance of Black Women Attorneys of Maryland. Due to her involvement in the social justice community, Alicia has also encouraged other individuals to support the PJC’s mission by recruiting new members to serve on the board. When asked how she persuaded the recruited board members she quickly stated, “I’m a true believer -- promoting the PJC comes very naturally because it is easy to endorse an organization that you have faith in, and people really appreciate my passion.” In closing, Alicia states, “The PJC stands out as a leader in the social justice community as a courageous, honest, and progressive organization and for that reason I continue to give as a donor and serve as a board member for the PJC.”

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