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Thank you, Alexandra!

May 8, 2014:  We extend a big thank you to attorney Alexandra Rosenblatt for her advocacy on behalf of low-wage workers, and wish her well as she leaves the Public Justice Center to stay at home with her daughter, Anya.
Alexandra joined the PJC’s Workplace Justice Project in 2011. She has represented asbestos workers, drywall and other construction workers, and restaurant workers, including tipped employees. These class and collective action lawsuits have called out employers for failing to pay wages and overtime. 
Recognizing that existing enforcement through courts and government agencies was not always sufficient to get workers their wages, Alexandra has been leading the PJC’s efforts to implement the Lien for Unpaid Wages law, which the PJC passed in the Maryland General Assembly in 2013. The law will allow a worker to place a lien on the property of an employer who owes them wages. This will keep the employer from selling, hiding or disposing of the property until the wages are paid, encouraging them to pay up quickly.
Alexandra also advocated for workplace health and safety protections. She led a health and safety complaint filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on behalf of the asbestos workers for numerous violations, including the failure to provide the proper protective equipment and training to remove and abate asbestos. This complaint not only led to fines on the company involved, but also put the PJC in the national spotlight in the fight to permit workers unrepresented by a labor union to have representation during an OSHA on-site inspection. 
We will miss Alexandra and her fierce pursuit of justice. And the feeling is mutual. She shared the following with staff: 
“From the moment I interned at my first public interest organization during law school, I dreamed of working at a place exactly like the PJC, so of course, it makes leaving bittersweet. However I am confident that as long as I continue to be involved in the fight for justice and human dignity in this state, the PJC will be right there with me. So this is certainly not goodbye. Thank you to the whole PJC staff for being an incredible bunch of advocates to work with. You inspire me every day.”

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